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Saturn SL1 Engine for Sale

Saturn marketed its SL1 engine in I4 size beginning in 1991. The moniker “SL” is short for sedan level automobile. There were three total years of production at General Motors for the original 1.9L block. While the GMZ platform was built in the U.S., it was sold to global markets. To buy a Saturn SL1 engine for sale, one needs only to shop on this website.

LK0 and L24 Motor Specs

A small but powerful horsepower level of 85 was in the phase 1 LK0 GM engine. The original manufacturing plan was to have a manual gearbox as the base option. While fuel economy was fixed at 37 MPG, adding an automatic transmission helped non stick-shift car buyers in the mid 1990s.

A change to a multi-port fuel injection system updated the 1.9-liter Saturn engines. It was standard in years prior to 1995 to use a throttle body injection. With an update to 100 hp, the SL1 nameplate was a competitor in the small sedan automobile market. The L24 motor was used going forward in all S-series cars.

Each of the different RPO codes attached to Saturn motor blocks are SOHC equipped. A 2-valve 1.9 is the more common variant to find. In the used car parts market, there is still a lot of value in a preowned component. Choosing the best seller often results in a long-lasting build.

Certified Used SL1 Motors

An independent certification is made out of all PreownedEngines.com inventory. What this is designed to accomplish is protection for a consumer. GM did a lot of smart things in terms of developing solid OEM modules. Because no build will be perfect, an overview by a specialist must be provided to a customer.

Every used Saturn car engine supplied here is something special. No shortages in craftsmanship are found. When someone wants low mileage, he or she explores stock here first. A reliable warranty plan is always given for no cost online or offline.

Buy SL1 1.9-Liter Saturn Engines

Claiming a price happens with usage of quotes tools. One of the most sophisticated modules appears right on this page. Anyone with a VIN number or some basic data is treated to published discounts. It is all about pleasing people instead of getting a sale. A way to receive support by phone is supplied with the phone number displayed here.

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