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Chevy Sonic 1.8 Liter Engine for Sale

Sonic cars by Chevy have used the 1.8L engine block for the duration of production in the U.S. auto industry. A person driving a sedan or hatchback likely has the now standard 1.8 motor block. This build is part of the Family 1 series of automobile gasoline engines that are produced at General Motors. To buy a replacement Chevy Sonic 1.8 liter engine, a person only has to use the inventory system here.

What is inside of every iron block produced at GM is something special. The LUW RPO series is a 110 cubic inch displacement edition. These models do include the EFI fuel system like all modern day motor vehicles. The FWD design is now standard on smaller vehicles that are produced with only a 4-cylinder block. Before performing a swap or direct changeout of a 1.8L build, validating the vehicle identification number is a big help.

Sonic DOHC 4-Valve LUW

The actual SAE rating for horsepower of the Chevrolet Sonic car engine is 138 hp. This range is now more common to find compared to the under 100 hp blocks built in the 1990s. The compression ratio is a whopping 10:5:1. This does not alter the fuel economy through. The improvement to up to 35 miles per gallon is one reason some people choose the Sonic 4-cylinder motors. There are a grand total of 4 valves for each cylinder on the build.

Most automakers including GM are now using a variation of the VVT technology. Honda is the company that perfected this timing system with its Civic and other performance vehicles. The belt driven camshaft inside of the 1.8 LUW edition does allow more precise control over the timing. When a mechanic or a regular person swaps out a 4-cylinder, it can be difficult to line up the timing belt properly.

Chevrolet Sonic Sedan 1.8 Engines

The sedan is still the best-seller in terms of dollar figures at GM. The hatchback model of the Sonic still includes the 1.8L. While there is an optional turbo 1.4L block, some people opt only to purchase the regular I4 build for replacement. The PreownedEngines.com company deals only in secondary market inventory. What this means is that resellers are contacted and inventory is supplied at a discount price. This does lower costs for the public.

Validating mileage, warranty terms and the selling price are several things that can happen using this website. When a person visits here, the first thing to do is find out if the right VIN number is available. This happens by calling by phone to the support professionals or using the search tool provided. Once this information is known, a price and warranty spec sheet are provided during the quotation procedure.

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