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Cadillac SRX 3.6L Engine for Sale

The SRX by Cadillac has used a 3.6 engine since 2004 production year. As a top selling sport utility vehicle, this crossover edition provides a lot of performance. The luxury nameplate offers more than just a stylish look. The powerful motor block is regarded as a faithful addition to the General Motors family. Purchase a complete Cadillac SRX 3.6L engine for a cheaper price here.

LY7 and LFX RPO Codes

Two variants were created under the GM manufacturing for the SRX. The first block is known as the LY7. This edition could accept either a 5-speed or 6-speed transmission. The 5L40 was the first installation. A total of 255 horsepower is part of the overall specs. The ratio for compression is marketed as 10:2:1 in North America.

The second edition is known as the LFX. This is an E85 flex fuel equipped unit. The Aisin and 6T70 gearboxes were selected for use with this build. The maximum horsepower is 308. The ratio for compression is 11:5:1. The CID is 217. A generous price on a used condition model is available.

Theta Platform SUV Motors

The suspension means a lot in the manufacturing of a sport utility vehicle. Starting with the Saturn brand, General Motors upped production of its SUV class. Because the chassis can accept AWD or FWD applications, the GMT 267 remains in use today. The mark of quality on a national level has remained the Cadillac brand. Future development of the XT5 has been announced. This series will takeover the path that the SRX has forged in the North American market.

V6 SRX Engine Build Quality

Changes to the camshaft, cylinder heads and fuel injection system were some of the positives in the LFX 3.6. The DOHC configuration has a revised evaporation system for emissions controls. The crankcase and fuel delivery were modified to get the maximum power out of the block. A second hand Cadillac 6-cylinder motor is still a good buy.

Prices for Used Cadillac SRX Engines

POE, using junk yard suppliers, is capable of delivering above average quality products to consumers. Through searches made on this portal, anyone with or without a VIN number can get a price. Because price is not the only important factor, someone can also find out about warranty extension plans. There is a brand new number to call for support posted at the top of this page. Delivering the cheapest price from Cadillac salvage yards is the goal here.

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