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Chevy Suburban 5.3 Liter Engine Used

The 5.3L engine used in Suburban SUVs from Chevy is featured in regular and flex fuel editions. General Motors has placed great emphasis on developing powerful V8 engine blocks that deliver performance and reliability. The Vortec 5300 is one of the newest builds that have been used in the 1500 edition of the sport utility vehicles. Someone who uses this website can buy a Chevy Suburban 5.3 liter engine in used condition for a great price.

The GMT830 platform was revamped in the year 2000 to include support for the Vortec blocks. After discontinuance of the 5.7L, Chevrolet vehicles were fitted with the smaller and equally powerful 5.3L. There are 325 cubic inches that are found in all versions of the 5300 series. Depending on the type of block, there can be different RPO codes attached for a person who is doing research.

Chevy Suburban Engine Codes

Most of the blocks that were inserted into the SUV class of Chevy and GMC vehicles were either an LM7 or L59. While the performance of these blocks are the same, the L59 does feature 295 horsepower. This is compared to the average 285 found in the regular 5.3L V8. Someone who does not have the right RPO engine codes to match on the web can easily determine the type needed by verifying the horsepower.

Every Chevrolet Suburban 5.3 V8 that can be purchased in used condition using this website does come with a warranty policy. This is important to know when buying a preowned block on the Internet. Because OEM parts can fail without a prior warning, knowing what is installed on the block is protected against issues is a good thing. A typical warranty option is meant to last for a 24-month duration.

V8 Suburban Model Years Available

Since the year 2000, there have been hundreds of thousands of GMC and Chevy vehicles produced with the regular 5.3-liter V8 blocks. This trend has continued with the 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and subsequent model years. A person who is hoping to find the right version of a Chevy Suburban engine for sale can typically find all varieties in the inventory provided here. The regular gasoline and flex fuel versions are in stock to buy.

5.3L Suburban and Yukon Used Engines

The VIN code T and code Z models of V8 blocks can be found on this website. The variety of Suburban and Yukon models that can be purchased here is one of the largest on the web. The cast aluminum design is made to last. The Generation III production schedule by GM is one of the most regarded in the automotive industry. Every second hand block that is presented on this website is available to purchase.

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