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Pontiac Sunfire 2.4L Engine Sale

The Sunfire from Pontiac used a 2.4L engine starting in 1996. The first installation was the final use of the original Quad 4. The Sunfire was eventually discontinued in 2005. The J body vehicles, like the Cavalier, were designed to feature high quality four-cylinder motors. While using this website, a Pontiac Sunfire 2.4L engine for sale can be ordered online.

Specs of the 2.4-Liter RPO LD9

There were six years of development for the inline four-cylinder in Sunfire cars. The horsepower was never changed from the initial 150 hp. The cubic inch displacement is 146. Known as a Twin Cam block, there are 16 valves found in the design.

A sequential fuel injection system revitalized the DOHC I4. With 5600 RPM available, the compression ratio is either a 9:5:1 or 9:7:1. The front-wheel drive base was standard in the sedan, coupe and convertible versions of the Sunfire.

The GT and SE trim editions were the main 2.4L editions. Most people would have purchased these vehicles with a 5-gear manual transmission. The best way to identify the block is by validating that VIN T 8th digit is stamped on the underside.

The cubic centimeters found in the 2.4 is 2392. While the Pontiac brand is no longer in production, used versions are still available from junk yards in the USA.

Pontiac 2.4-Liter I4 Motor Warranty

The protection policies that are necessary to keep motors working come from third party plans. Not every eBay or Craigslist seller is willing to protect a consumer after the point of sale. This PreownedEngines.com website introduces inventory that is fully protected from most major damage or deterioration.

The base coverage will protect what could fail with regular use. All camshafts, gaskets, wiring, hoses and sensors are in working condition. For a two-year total period, a person can fee confident after making a purchase of any second hand complete motor here.

Buy Used Pontiac Sunfire Engines

A customer support professional handles every phone call to the POE company. Why do some motors fail? Is the inventory displayed sold with low mileage? Do 2.4L motors have EGR problems? These are the types of questions that only a professional can answer with a phone call. An adult who wants a faster delivery of pricing can get a quote quickly online.

Helpful things like a vehicle identification number match are offered. To compare pricing here with other retailers, more than one salvage company displays a discount price. This is usually enough information to help someone get a deal when swapping an I4 2.4 block.

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