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Used Suzuki 1.6L Engine

Sidekick vehicles used the 1.6 engine from 1986 until the 1992 production year. Suzuki relied on its famous G motor family to supply the initial 80 horsepower for the 4-cylinder versions. While the production of the Sidekick is no longer active, a person shopping here can still buy a Suzuki 1.6L engine. These models are used and do feature a top industry standard warranty.

G13BA 1.6 8-Valve Engine

The 1.6L is based on the water-cooled G series built by Suzuki. This is a gasoline powered motor that includes an aluminum block and head configuration. While the torque output for these units is low, these motors were built only for fuel economy. The 8-valve motor block is based on the familiar SOHC blocks. A general ratio of 8:3:1 for compression is featured in the G13BA series.

There are actually two production generations for the Sidekick that were sold in the United States. While each were branded as Suzuki, model names were changed for marketing. The Vitara was the late model build that was offered from 1999 to the year 2004. The Sidekick name was dropped after the 1992 year. The difference was the 1.6L engine was a GM build with an L01 RPO code.

Chevy Tracker and Suzuki Sidekick engines are not the same builds. There were only two variations of the GM builds. The LS5 was the base model and the L01 was the upgrade. Each were identical in production quality although the L01 had an improvement in power level. A person hoping to find an authentic Suzuki version motor will appreciate this website.

Used OEM I4 1.6L Motors

Aside from buying a crate or rebuilt motor block, the only way that a person can find a real Sidekick compatible motor is by ordering one in used condition. The reason that second hand shops make great choices is that all parts are OEM. PreownedEngines.com is one example of a company that does not modify or reconfigure the factory parts. What was originally installed is kept on the block.

This attention to accuracy is appreciated by people who want OEM without the high price tag. The used Suzuki 4-cylinder engines on sale daily at this website have been overhauled. This means something a bit different in the used industry. A foreign built block that is overhauled is one that has been tested on the road. Power levels are verified as well as the condition of the motor.

Buy 1.6L Suzuki Replacement Engines

Do you need a motor for a Suzuki Sidekick? Start searching what is in stock using this website. Dealer pricing is now offered to consumers who choose to buy inventory posted here. Every company is either a salvage business or a valid reseller. Inventories from across the USA for used Suzuki engine brands are supplied daily here.

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