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Suzuki SX4 2.0L Engine Used

The SX4 2.0-liter engine from Suzuki is for sale here used. What started out as a compact vehicle was turned into a compact SUV after the 2013 year. The driving force behind the global success of the SX/4 is likely the gasoline and diesel options for consumers. Two of the popular Suzuki SX4 2.0L engine blocks are available to buy at this PreownedEngines.com website.

VIN 4 6th Digit Four-Cylinder Specs

In the United States, there were dual motors utilized by Suzuki. The J20A was the base version. This 2WD model was in place for the 2006 year. Before the year 2009 was through, a second block was added as an upgrade option. The J20B had identical specs although was the dual overhead cam version with variable valve timing controls.

According to official data sheets, there are 121 cubic inches on the iron block. The performance was not hindered because of the compact size of the SX4. A top speed of 150 horsepower is found in every J20 engine.

The fuel economy was boosted to offer 32 to 39 miles per gallon. This change was supported with the issuance of 4-speed, 5-speed and a bigger 6-speed transmission. Proper gear ratios and tweaked components lead to the improvements in total MPG.

Mods for the SX4 Motor

Changing out the air intake system, reprogramming performance chips and updating the suspension helps the SX4 Suzuki cars. There are clubs nationally that have thousands of members that share information on how to mod the stock 2.0-liter. Regardless of how a person plans to install a build, buying the best used condition version is important.

A developed plan of components protection is what is shipped out with orders on this portal. POE works with Suzuki junk yards across North America to establish terms of sale and return procedures. The strength of the 36 month warranty plan coupled with free freight are two gems for automobile parts buyers.

2.0L Suzuki SX4 Used Engine

Getting robbed on the aftermarket in terms of high pricing is very common. Shopping local wrecking yards opens the gate to the buying public. What used to cost thousands of dollars is now reduced due to demand. A person can walk away with a good condition motor that has low mileage by shopping here.

A vehicle identification number can be added in the quotes form on this page to get accurate pricing. If this data is unavailable, a specialist can be called by phone. No time is wasted. A real person with product knowledge for any 2.0 I4 variant answers every call quickly.

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