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Town and Country 3.3L Engine

The 3.3L engine was used in the Town and Country van starting in the 1990 model year. The early Mitsubishi motors in 3.0-liter displacement were not powerful enough for the Chrysler S platform design. The 6-cylinder series used in the T&C minivan was used throughout the Dodge lineup of vans. A person can find a used Town and Country 3.3L engine on sale right on this website.

EGA 3.3L V6 Minivan Engines

After the production started on the Town and Country vans, Chrysler started upgrading its available motor platform. The option code for the 3.3L is referred to as EGA. This model has been identified with Dodge vans 20 years. The original motor block was manufactured to be compatible with the A604 4-speed automatic transmission in the 1990s. The initial rating of horsepower was fixed at 150.

The Generation III motor development boosted the horsepower to 158 during the 1995 year. This was further advanced during the Generation IV production schedule when the 3.3L series was improved to feature 180 horsepower. While the Pentastar series is now the primary van motor setup in V6 size, the smaller EGA builds can still be found through second hand sources.

There were multiple trim levels of the T&C vans from Dodge during the 1990 to 2010 production years. The editions that require the 3.3-liter motor include base, eL, touring, LX, SX, eX and limited. A person who starts conducting research on where to buy a used Town and County engine online will be helped by this data.

V6 Dodge Van Engines with Warranties

The V6 block is something special at the Chrysler company. For more than 30 years in the United States, a lot of time and manpower has been used to create a workable motor block that was reliable. Minus a few hits and misses, the development of the 3.3L motor series was a good run for Dodge minivans. The PreownedEngines.com company offers warranties with all of its EGA platform motors for sale. This is at zero cost to a motor buyer.

The reason that purchasing a van motor with a warranty is essential is because OE installed parts can deteriorate. No amount of care can protect wire harnesses, springs, gaskets, heads or bearings from failing. It is the guarantee that a warranty program offers to V6 motor buyer that will seal the deal in a web transaction.

Buy Town and Country 3.3L Motors

A good price is just one of the good things that a person using this retail website will receive. Aside from superior handling of an order, an auto professional takes care of all questions and concerns buyers have.

When a request for motor pricing is not submitted through this portal, a phone call is usually how information is exchanged. Calling the specialists here during business hours is a trusted way to find out what VIN numbers are compatible with the Dodge vans produced until 2010 in the U.S.

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