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Toyota Highlander 2.4L Engine Used

Toyota used a 2.4L engine for its Highlander SUV from 2001 to 2007. This use of crossover sport utility vehicles hit a peak in the mid 2000s. The excellent fuel mileage and no lack of performance helped sell these vehicles. The standard piston rod 4-cylinder Toyota Highlander 2.4L engine is for sale on this page daily.

2AZFE I4 Motor Specs

To power its Millennium series pickup trucks, Toyota selected the 2AZFE base. This was the version placed into the sport, trim and limited edition versions. With a top range of 160 horsepower, the specs were plentiful. As one of the last piston driven blocks, the 2.4-liter is heavily searched for on the second hand parts market.

DOHC was the selected platform for the compact SUVs. With a ratio of compression at 9:6:1, there is no decrease in the total power. The public demand for the I4 K platform motors was strong after the first few years of production. The Camry, Matrix and Vibe were three additional cars that were produced with the standard 2.4-liter.

The production code is easy to locate for a Highlander SUV. With a quick review of the vehicle identification number, the VIN D 5th digit refers to the used 2AZFE engines on sale here. The importance of knowing the specs is just one portion of proper motor buying on the Internet.

Replacement Toyota Engines

Not all people arrive here to buy the base level blocks. The 2.7 and 3.0 were additional displacements that Toyota has used. Because of the process of acquiring products nationally, anyone ending up on this website can search through inventory in real time. The stock levels and status for shipment are available to explore.

Swapping a used 2.4 SUV engine is easier when all components have a warranty. Trying to replace something that has no parts available to install is more than frustrating. The PreownedEngines.com company has taken all steps to increase the satisfaction of the public.

Reliable OEM Toyota Highlander Motors

Price research and comparisons from dealer to dealer allow shoppers to benefit. Since there is vast range of second hand dealers, nothing here is in rebuilt or refurbished condition. North American dismantling companies drive down the regular MSRP. Due to the shipments in all 50 states, no one visiting this portal pays expensive freight.

Price quotes happen by calling the service department offline. It is even possible to get a rough quotation utilizing the automated warehouse finder here. Very basic data is needed to obtain pricing data or other specs for what is in stock. All products are guaranteed and feature a top notch warranty package for free.

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