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Toyota Solara 2.2L Engine Used OEM Block

Solara cars used 2.2L engines at Toyota starting in 1997. As a variation of the Camry, sales were strong enough to offer this new trim style. A coupe edition was marketed as a family sedan although a convertible option existed. For people who need a replacement Toyota Solara 2.2L engine, buying one as a unit edition here is easy.

5SFE Solar Motor Specs

A grand total of 3 trim versions were available in Solara sedans. The SLE, SE and SE Sport each used 2.2-liter motors until the 3.0L V6 was introduced. A 9:5:1 compression block was created to supply power to DOHC lovers. Toyota is known for producing reliable builds that are still available through junk yards in the United States.

The 2164 cubic centimeters did not skimp on power. The base model motor with no upgrades was a 135 hp model. The final year of production was 2003 for the Solara automobile. Branded as a Camry upgrade, these vehicles enjoyed a 6-year period of international production.

Like the Celica, the updated technology in the 2.2-liter blocks was part of the SXV20 versions. This period of time was considered ground breaking in global automotive community. Because of the strength and durability offered, people still try to find used Toyota Solara engines for sale on the Internet.

Low Mileage I4 Engines

The four-cylinder versions are what can be ordered in real time on this website. The best part about buying from an established retailer is the warranty period. For a maximum two full years, the vast majority of components are protected. This means frayed wiring, cracked valves and other damage might be covered after purchase is made.

A simple activation is all that someone needs to get access to these warranties. Since the group of junk yards distributing the used 2.2 engines are in the U.S., no problems with shipments exist. In most cases, just a few days for delivery is all that is needed.

Buy 2.2L Toyota Solara Engine Blocks

As a secondary market retailer, PreownedEngines.com has several supply partners. What this means to a consumer is more price variety. Prices get driven downwards when more competition exists in the market place. The decision to acquire products from agencies that discount the MSRP has been a good one at POE.

People visiting here get quotes by calling offline or using the online system. These methods are simple for anyone to try. All of the import inventory here is quoted based on the needs of a consumer. VIN data and other details can be provided to help expedite price tag reviews.

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