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Toyota Tundra 5.7L Engine

2007 Tundra trucks and up offer the 5.7 engine as an upgrade. Toyota first went into production on its medium-duty Tundra in the year 2000. While the first option was the 4.0 V6, consumers were treated to a better power upgrade with the bigger V8 build. Because horsepower is not an issue, the Toyota Tundra 5.7L engine remains a popular replacement block for regular or double cab trucks.

3URFE VVT-i 8-Cylinder Motors

The 5.7 used in the Tundra pickup is from the UR series of motors built by Toyota. The 90-degree block design makes these comparable in structure to the Ford and Chevrolet V8. What makes the 3URFE different from the first edition motors is not only the displacement. The variable valve timing in the cam shaft and air intake system is brand new. This intelligent technology has boosted the horsepower and performance level in Toyota vehicles.

There are 381 horsepower units found in the 5.7 Tundra motors. This is one of the largest power levels featured due to the 5600 red line limit. What the torque in these builds offer is higher than standard payload for a comparable medium-duty truck motor. The models built after the year 2009 were updated with E85 compatibility. The Sequoia and Land Cruiser are two additional Toyota vehicles that have used the 3URFE V8 motor effectively.

Toyota Truck Motors with Warranties

It is hard to find a person who does not appreciate a sale price. A truck owner who is lured in with a low price does not always appreciate the outcome. When selecting a used motor block, validating that a source for foreign built units is available is the first step. Someone who does not perform research will suffer. Buying a 5.7 without a parts warranty can be 50/50.

What is promoted on this PreownedEngines.com website is an entire inventory of 8-cylinder truck motors with warranty plans. People arrive here happy and will always leave happy. Installing a motor is stressful enough, but worrying about OEM parts adds more frustration. All 3URFBE and 3URFE Toyota motors on sale here are shipped in complete condition with a coverage policy in tact.

Buy Tundra V8 Truck Engines Here

The closest thing to a super cheap auction price is what is supplied here. There are not too many U.S. resellers left that can heavily discount a used auto engine. The builds are getting older with each year and quality levels always go up and down. The inventory of replacement Toyota V8 engines for sale on this website is shippable right now. A person only has to begin searching through the stock levels in the company warehouse here.

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