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Used 1.5 Eagle Summit Engine

The Mitsubishi and Diamond-Star collaboration helped created the Eagle Summit vehicle series in the year 1989. While there were only 7 years of active production, multiple engine platforms were introduced to car buyers. One of the most successful is provided for sale at this preowned resource. Buying a used 1.5 Eagle Summit engine for sale has its benefits here.

There are 2 separate generations of production that helped generate hundreds of thousands of Eagle vehicles. The sedan edition of the Summit offered more than one trim level as well as engine type. The 1.5-liter motor is one of the most common blocks that are found through secondary retailers. Apart from the sedan series, Eagle also provided the 1.5 as an option in the wagon vehicles.

Four-Cylinder 1.5 Engine Specs

Two levels of trim were provided for the Summit during its years of production. The LX and DL each used the 81 horsepower 1.5 engine. There were a total of 8 valves in the motor block. The SOHC design was updated with the entrance of the 1.6 after the 1990 year. Between 1980 and 1992, Eagle vehicles used the 1.5 and 1.6 motors interchangeably depending on consumer demand.

Automatic and manual transmissions were paired with the four-cylinder Eagle engines produced until 1996. A later 1.8 motor was created during the final years of the coupe and sedan manufacturing for the Eagle Summit. A person buying these discontinued motors will still be able to complete a swap. All base and subsequent trim models accept the 1.5 motor option.

Eagle Summit Engine Problems

Some Chrysler created vehicles did experience problems after production between 1989 and 1993. Issues with o-rings, oil in coolant, main bearings and some overheating problems were publicized by consumers. Every 1.5 complete motor block that is distributed nationally after being ordered on this website is certified to not have such engine issues.

1.5 I4 Motors with a Free Warranty

Anyone can purchase a motor from a web seller in this day and age. The difference between sellers is visual once issues like warranty coverage or shipping policies are known. PreownedEngines.com inventory provides a lot of freebies to consumers who are buying engines to swap in defective vehicles.

A free warranty, free freight and free consultation are all provided by calling the defined number of this page. Someone who does not have time to speak with a knowledgeable expert by phone can always find prices searching the warehouse of inventory on this website. A quick search determines how much a 1.5 engine is as well as where one can be shipped in the USA.

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