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Used Buick Regal 3.1 Engine

GM boosted the power level of its sedan vehicle class in 1989 with the issuance of the 3.1 engine. The Regal, Beretta and Sunbird were some of the motor vehicles that were immediately updated with better horsepower. Someone hoping to replace a defective motor with a used Buick Regal 3.1 engine can find inventory using this automated website.

While General Motors used its 2.8 displacement engine starting in 1987, this overhead cam design was only used for a couple of years in the Regal. The motor never really caught on as a permanent replacement to take the Regal class of cars into the next decade. The LH0 3.1 was used in the Pontiac family of GM vehicles and already had a history of consumer confidence.

Preowned 60-Degree Regal Engine Specs

A total of 135 horsepower is delivered in the 3.1 motor in the first series and a total of 140 horsepower in all later builds. Both the United States and Mexican markets heavily featured the LHO 60-degree engine design. Conducting a swap for a Regal 3.1 engine is possible for a GM vehicle owner because these motor blocks are still available through select retailers.

There have been a grand total of 5 generations of production that have been allotted to the Regal. General Motors continues to invest into its 4-door sedan cars to keep up with the offerings in the auto industry. While motor quality has been improved, the V6 block remains a powerful choice for a replacement in a Buick automobile. Every preowned engine for sale on this page comes with its own warranty.

Buying Regal Engines Used Online

It should be noted for a person who is scouring the web to find an engine block for a Regal vehicle to ask about mileage. Because mileage count is a good indicator of quality, finding out how many miles are acceptable on a 3.1 block is important. Most motors have between 50,000 and over 100,000 miles when sold through second hand dealers. It is the warranty coverage that will separate two dealers from each other.

A simple price finder has been integrated to the search tools on this PreownedEngines.com website. Using the system to find out the true cost of replacing a Buick Regal engine is helpful to any parts buyer. The long-term coverage that included warranty plans provide is offered for free. National shipments are also free for any in stock used 3.1 GM engine for sale promoted on this page.

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