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Used Cadillac ATS 2.0 Engine

The offering of compact executive vehicles at GM started with the Cadillac brand in 2012. Both sedan and coupe models were produced that featured different gasoline and turbo motors. There have been 4 types of engines used in the ATS vehicle series for the past several years. Someone ready to buy used Cadillac ATS 2.0 engine inventory can find shippable blocks at this website.

Bearing a close resemblance to the BMW series, the ATS Cadillac was designed to include multiple engines. Because natural and turbocharged block have been used, the horsepower does vary depending on the model. The 2.0 series is rated at 272 hp. A standard 5500 RPM power level is supplied with this entry-level engine class.

Ecotec Generation III 2.0 Motors for Sale

Direct injection is the technology used to power the turbo 2.0 ATS engine. The rated compression is currently 9:5:1. The air cooling system is one of the best features of the Gen III 2.0. While the rated displacement is only 121.9 cubic inches, the torque is clearly defined in the turbo 2.0 ATS motors for sale.

Sales of the executive vehicles by GM for its Cadillac subsidiary have increased based partly on what is offered with a motor. While the production continues on the LTG Ecotec, a much larger 3.6 is now being used as an upgrade offered to ATS car buyers. Any of the OEM GM motors that are displayed through this website are available to order.

Used 2.0 ATS Turbo Motors with a Warranty

A big plus to any person using this PreownedEngines.com resource is the option that are offered free of charge at checkout. A good warranty can help a car owner to get the most out of a regular gasoline engine. Every unit that is shipped inside the U.S. is paired with a long-term plan of warranty coverage. This provided outside of the standard warranty period offered at Cadillac.

How to Buy Used Cadillac ATS Engines

The rated 26 miles per gallon in the 2.0 Ecotec motors is an advantage that purchasers of this series receive. Instead of paying the full retail replacement price, options to save a lot of money exist here. By supplying the year and type of ATS Cadillac that needs an engine, a person is presented with a review of marketed prices and a buy button to follow through with a purchase.

What this gives is a clear way to buy from a trusted resource instead of seeking out deals on auction websites or other portals that sell high mileage used Cadillac engines. If questions are now answered on this resource page, a quick call using the toll-free number supplied will help auto parts purchasers who need more info.

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