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Used Cadillac STS 3.6 Engine

The touring series of sedans for sale in the Cadillac brand began production at General Motors in 2005. The American assembly plant was based in Michigan to produce mid-size vehicles for luxury car buyers. The Seville Touring Sedan or STS is one of the popular vehicles produced until the year 2011. Locating a used Cadillac STS 3.6 engine is simple using this second hand parts website.

After discontinuing its Seville brand, GM began production on vehicles that were aimed at middle-income adults. The 6 years of production for the STS and ATS introduced more than one engine variant. Before buying a used STS motor, it is helpful to know which types are still available to buy as preowned blocks.

3.6 Cadillac Engine Specs

The base rate of horsepower that is featured in the V6 edition of the STS vehicle is rated at 255. This is achieved with the high point of 6500 RPMs. The actual block has a 10:2:1 ratio for compression and is one of the largest motors found in a luxury automobile. The GM engine code for this unit is known as LY7. It should not be confused with the direct-injection LLT edition.

As an upgrade option, Cadillac STS vehicles were equipped with the favored Northstar V8 motors in some models. This did provide a way for both 6-speed and 5-speed gearboxes to be used. This change showcased more levels of power for the 4-door luxury vehicles created in the Cadillac brand during the 5-year production run.

STS 3.6 Engine Problems

There have not been many issues reported for the mid-size V6 engines used in Cadillac cars since 2005. There are some issues with the power train control module and check engine lights although these are usually fixed going to a dealership. The PreownedEngines.com company warrants that every used condition engine block that is for sale has been road tested and certified.

Buy Used STS V6 Motors Close to Dealer Cost

Publishing the highest price is a strategy some dealers use to make a few extra bucks on a person who needs to replace a Cadillac engine. While quality should always be taken into consideration, getting the chance to save money can work out well for a consumer. All used 3.6 motors in stock at this resource feature non-published dealer pricing.

The STS editions in stock include the 2005, 2007, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011 versions. What this offers is a wide range of production years to help someone choose the right motor to buy. The warehouse of preowned Cadillac engines in stock can be searched using one of the tools on this portal.

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