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Used Challenger 3.5 Engine

A decision was made in 2008 to supply the 3.5 engine power to the Challenger vehicle in the Dodge company. Aluminum blocks were a standard on this V6 sized motor to ensure no leaking oil or heat build up affected motor usage. While Dodge no longer actively produces its 3.5 V6, a person can still buy a used Challenger 3.5 engine by exploring the offerings on this website.

A big upgrade in performance was noticeable in the V6 engines at Dodge in the early 1990s. The original LH block provided the foundation for the Pentastar series now in production. By adding in the High Output edition, Chrysler was able to offer a higher power range to consumers who prefer to have a lot of horsepower available.

3.5 Dodge Engine Specs

The last year of production was 2010 for the V6 used in the Challenger. At the very peak of manufacturing, this motor was capable of achieving a 250 horsepower maximum. The 6400 RPM limit was established making this single overhead cam engine one of the top of the line in the 24-valve models.

An aftermarket supercharger is available through retailers that does increase the power level in the 3.5 block. While this power level is not standard on a regular motor, car tuners and restorers often seek an upgrade when updating the horsepower. The V6 Challenger engine is still one of the easiest to swap in the Dodge Motor Company inventory.

Dodge Challenger 3.5 Engine Problems

No engine created in the past 100 years is without some type of issue after it is manufactured. Regardless of the amount of testing, there were some issues reported by car owners through the 2007 to 2010 production of the Challenger motors.

Ticking of the engine or rocker arms, check engine lights, failed head gaskets and excess oil consumption have been reported publicly. All distributed SE or standard V6 motors at this website include warranty protection that prevent such failures after consumer orders are placed.

Prices for Challenger Engines for Sale

Using this website to locate the best deal for a preowned motor is a smart decision. What is supplied to every person who uses this resource is an automated price location service. The complete shippable inventory of used Dodge motors is searchable using the tools on this website.

To make it easier for a person buying a replacement 3.5 engine, a national toll-free number is available for use. This can educate a buyer, help establish shipping turnaround time and what warranties will cover and what they will not. Free shipping is always standard for used 3.5 Challenger engines.

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