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Used Chevy LS3 Engine On Sale

Corvette vehicles first used the LS3 Chevy engine block in the year 2008. This 6.2-liter edition offered an improvement over the earlier LS2 6.0L versions. There were a total of 6 years given for production at General Motors for the LS3 build. Because these editions worked well with multiple transmissions, additional vehicle installations happened through the late 2000s. A Chevy LS3 engine sale is ongoing at this secondary market website.

6.2L Corvette and Camaro Engines

The SS Camaro was the third vehicle to receive the 6.2 displacement motor from Chevy. The next build was the Pontiac G8 until its termination in 2010. The most famous installation has always been and always will be the Corvette brand. Both standard edition and Super Sport versions continue to depend on the LS3 V8 block. The better made cam shaft and cast aluminum heads is a revolutionary GM technology.

The maximum amount of horsepower that is found in the 6.2L V8 is 5900 RPMs. The acceleration that is provided with the different exhaust system helps to maintain the reputation of the Corvette and Camaro in terms of speed. The ratio of 10:7:1 is one of the most powerful that is offered in the standard Chevrolet lineup at General Motors engineering plants.

430 HP C6 LS3 Complete Engine

Some people hoping to find a replacement LS series motor from Chevrolet might be confused about what a complete engine package offers. What is a complete V8 engine? When a motor block is marketed as complete, this means that it was removed from a working vehicle. No parts have been taken off and no modifications have been completed to the inner dynamics of the block. This is unlike a rebuilt version where everything is built using OEM schematics.

The 430 horsepower rating in the LS3 Corvette and Camaro engine series will only remain if the valves and cylinders are in working order. There are plenty of crate LS3 and other motor types that are marketed on the Internet for sale. While this PreownedEngines.com website sells only second hand versions, the quality is still higher to aid in successful installations.

Prices for Used LS3 Chevy Engine Blocks

The specially priced inventory that is featured on this website is expected to provide more value to consumers. Every complete 6.2-liter displacement motor for Chevrolet performance vehicles that is retailed here is a top build. These are salvaged motors taken from only the highest rated yards in the U.S. Every low sticker price that is available is now searchable on this website using the engine finder tool activated here.

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