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Used Chevy Lumina 2.5 Engine

The year 1989 was the year that GM decided to use the Iron Duke IV series motors its new Lumina. The earlier success in Chevy S-10 trucks provided the results from testing that GM needed to assure car buyers of the power offered in the 2.5. Buying a used Chevy Lumina 2.5 engine is simpler while using this national resource on the web. The supply of discontinued engines marketed on this resource offers any person ways to find a quality replacement.

Iron Duke 2.5 Engine Specs

Tech IV components made all GM produced motors more reliable. The difference in fuel delivery maximized the horsepower. The original rating for the 2.5 Iron Duke was rated at 90 horsepower although performance blocks did exist. There are a total of 151 cubic inches in the original design while an upgrade of 134 inches was supplied after the 1993 year.

A 2.5 motor fits nicely into a 2-door or a 4-door Lumina. Any body layout that conforms to the FF series can accept the Iron Duke without a modification to the undercarriage. While the Lumina offered a base power level, there were optional selections of gearboxes offered between 1989 and 1994 in the United States.

Chevy Lumina Engine Problems

Some people who own a late 1980s Lumina did report that failed fuel pumps and timing gears affected engine quality. Issues with the camshaft have been reported although zero motors in the PreownedEngines.com inventory have any issues. A buyer hoping to find a block that has lower than industry average mileage will be happy to sort through the available offerings on this website.

How to Buy 2.5 Used Lumina Engines

A procedure for checking all current inventory exists on the homepage and subsequent pages on this website. A two-part process involves choosing the make as well as the year of a Lumina needing an engine swap. A person selects this information and is then greeted with all sale pricing. Paying under the manufacturer suggested list price is only possible here.

A toll-free phone system has been established on a national basis to provide support and questions about preowned Chevy engines. Dialing this number offers a chance to learn about protected parts under warranty, free shipping offers and precise times of delivery. Any replacement 2.5 Chevrolet engine listed on this page includes a no charge coverage plan as part of the sale price.

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