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Used Dodge 5.9 Diesel Engine

The 5.9 is a diesel engine that is used in Dodge trucks. Cummins has this for sale in the North American market. It was built in 1998 and replaced the 12 valve edition. It was manufactured with a direct injection and a common rail fuel system. Since you can still find these versions in the USA, you can buy a used Dodge 5.9 diesel engine here. Let PreownedEngines.com supply you with a good working assembly.

5.9 Liter Cummins Specs

The OHV (overhead valve) configuration is standard in most diesels. Bosch manufactured every fuel system that was installed. The horsepower that is expected from a medium to high mileage 5.9 is about 215 hp to 325 hp. The difference is the H.O. option available on some variants.

The iron used to construct the casing that holds the Cummins 24 valve is a cast polymer. Just like the 12 valve Cummins, t is very strong. It also absorbs heat very well. The compression is 16.3:1. Even with this massive power, the fuel economy is regarded by truck owners. Cubic inch displacement is 359 inches in the OEM versions for sale.

Since most Dodge diesel variants are simple to swap, they are popular in commercial and residential applications. You do not need a huge garage and thousands of tools to do the job. Just a hoist and an extra hand or two is what you need.

5.9 Liter Dodge Diesel Warranty

Even though Chrysler, through its Dodge division, did not create the Cummins, a stock warranty was supplied with every sale. These are known as dealership policies. It is more common for a consumer to be out of coverage trying to use one of these plans. POE listens to what people ask for and we deliver.

The warranty term of any Dodge 5.9 motor block retailed here is lengthy. The time period between the date of purchase and three years later is protected. Any of the gaskets, heads, pulleys and other mechanical parts are covered.

Prices for Dodge 5.9 Cummins Engines

Buy your used Cummins engine from us. The price is just right. We secure what we have available by working with junk yards. Thousands of dealers apply to be our partner in any given year. We only have room for the top suppliers. Take a look around the web and try to find anything negative about our company.

The price data is given to you through a quote. If you use a web-friendly smartphone, you can tap the box on this page. It will guide you through each step of price calculation. You can call us if you are unable to use our Internet based tools. Let one of our team members work to earn your repeat business.