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Used Ford Essex Engine

Ford’s Freestar minivan was unveiled to the U.S. market in the 2004 year. While the FF body layout was known as the Windstar since 1997, the new branding helped to attract a large mass of auto buyers. One change that was made to improve the compact van lineup was the addition of the Essex motors. At this website, a buyer can find a used Ford Essex engine for a smaller than MSRP price.

4.2 Ford Engine Specs

The roots of the Essex motor can be traced back as far as 1981. Ford Motor Company invested wisely into different formats for its 6-cylinder blocks in the 1980s. The Essex, in 4.2 size, was first manufactured in 1997. The test for the block was first validated in the F-150 trucks. There are 256 cubic inches in the block of the 4.2 Essex engines. There is an aftermarket version that is sold with the engine code ESG642 because the 4.2 has been discontinued from active manufacturing.

What Engine Replaced the 4.2 in the U.S.?

The Duratec motor brand was tapped to takeover the lead spot for Ford installations in the mid 2000s. The 3.7 size is the most common in vehicles were the standard Essex engines would have been installed. Ford still invests into its V6 lineup although has changed a lot of the features and horsepower that a car buyer has available. Installation of the 4.2 into the F-150 ended the Essex run in the United States.

4.2 Ford Essex Engine Problems

There was an open admission by Ford in one of its manufacturing plants in the 1990s concerning the Essex block. An intake manifold issue and cover gasket were found to be two of the biggest culprits among bad engines. While these problems were addressed, someone buying a used Ford motor from a dealer should insure about a warranty coverage plan to ensure product reliability.

Where to Buy Canadian Built V6 Engines

PreownedEngines.com is one of the most respected and reliable dealers of second hand motor blocks. The complete engines inventory is certified and is offered on a national basis. This means that professional evaluations have been conducted to make certain that a person can make an engine swap without experiencing a motor issue.

There is a finder directly linked on this page to the current motor inventory that is shippable. What is displayed when a match is found in the user searchable database is full price details and delivery estimates. Ordering a used Ford 4.2 motor has never been easier.

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