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Used Honda Civic Engine for Sale

Civic is one of the most well-known brands in the auto industry. While the original release of this brand didn’t catch on in the U.S. until the 1980s, most people searching for a replacement motor will identify with the fourth and fifth-generation of Civic cars. A number of motors have been installed by Honda Motor Company in the Civic vehicles. The PreownedEngines.com company has used Honda Civic engine for sale inventory at awesome prices.

The 1987 to 1991 time period marked the start and end of the fourth generation of Honda Civic production. Honda made good use of the 1.3L motor in the early years. The 1.4L, 1.5L and 1.6L motors were produced in basic single overhead cam builds during this fourth generation. This was known as the pre-VTEC development. A used Honda motor that can be purchased from a reputable company is certainly the way to go to sustain quality.

Engines Used Inside the Honda Civic

It was the fifth generation that introduced the VTEC motor types to Honda car owners. The Civic and Integra each featured the B series engines. What these motors represented was either a dual overhead cam or single overhead cam design. It is easy to identify a VTEC motor without even searching for the nameplate. The engine codes often start with B16A or B16B. There are variations and this can cause some buyer confusion.

Honda engine codes for VTEC engines are as follows: D16Z6, B16A1, B16B and B16A2. There were other editions built strictly for cars that were distributed in foreign countries and not the USA. Someone who plans to buy a used Honda engine should verify the VIN number or engine code block prior to arranging shipment. The Preowned Engines company supplies this service at no cost to any person who needs to check specs in advance.

Civic VTEC and Non-VTEC Technologies

It can be hard to identify a motor that has a hard to read engine code. The same goes for a VIN number that is scratched out or not as clear as it should be when reviewed. One of the extra was to determine if a VTEC or non-VTEC engine is needed is to review the trim level of each vehicle. The hatchback, coupe and sedan Civic cars that were built with the fourth-generation technology can be SI, VX or EX trims.

How to Buy Honda Engines for Civic Cars

A simple toll-free number can be accessed from this spec page to evaluate current inventory in stock. No person should spend time using search engines to compare competitor prices. What an engine buyer should know that one of the largest Honda resources for used motors exists in the PreownedEngines.com inventory. These motors include a good warranty and have already been certified as used. Buying one is as easy as getting in touch with customer service by phone or using the easy to access quotes tool on this page.

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