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Used Pacifica 4.0 Engine

The Pacifica used the 4.0L engine for two years in the mid 2000s. The Daimler-Chrysler production of the V6 engines has been regarded as a big part of the success of luxury automobiles. Although the Pacifica was a 5-door sport utility vehicle, it was created as a FWD and all-wheel drive model. A person can buy a used Pacifica 4.0 engine while using this automotive website.

EGQ V6 4.0 Pacifica Engines

Unlike GM that uses RPO codes, the Chrysler company refers to its engine identifiers as option codes. The 4.0L V6 carries the EGQ code for the U.S. builds. This motor series was an upgrade to the already established 3.5 6-cylinder option. The CS platform 4.0 was only available between the 2007 and 2008 years. Although support was mixed for the Pacifica, the quality of the motor block could not be denied.

What is the horsepower rating for the 4.0 Pacifica engine? The listed SAE rating was 253 horsepower. This was a slight improvement over the 3.5 series. The production was kept to the SOHC build to support the powertrain in the SUV platform. One thing to know about the V6 block is that it was designed for compatibility with the Ultradrive Chrysler transmissions.

Chrysler 4.0 Engine Reliability

The largest V6 in production before the Jeep models were improved was the SOHC design. The Pacifica is one of the vehicles aside from the Town and County, Grand Caravan and Nitro vehicles that used the more powerful 250+ horsepower range. These motors are known globally for being reliable and have few reported problems and errors. Unlike the 2.7 V6, there are no oil sludge issues or valve cover gasket leaks in the 4.0L Chrysler motor blocks.

Someone with an interest in buying a used condition Chrysler V6 motor should know about the trim packages for the Pacifica. There were only 4 versions that offered the 4.0 until the year 2008. These versions were base, touring, signature and limited. This means that a person shopping this PreownedEngines.com website will be able to find an in stock assembly to fit inside multiple trims of the Chrysler Pacifica cars.

Buying Used 4.0 V6 Pacifica Engines

The good thing about purchasing used motors from a reputable source is that there is coverage for a warranty supplied. Unlike an auction or newspaper advertisement, having knowledge of an inspected and certified motor beforehand is a big help. What is retailed through this website is a low mileage V6 block that comes as a complete and ready to drop in assembly.

A person can request the on sale price structures by choosing the right model and Chrysler production year from the inventory system here. This is the easiest and by far the fastest method of price exploration for a Pacifica replacement motor online.

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