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Used Ram 5500 Diesel Engine

Dodge brought on the serious power when it debuted its Ram 5500 models. These commercial trucks are now a standard in the industry due to the huge engine performance. While efficiency and driver comfort are important, what most truck buyers really care about is what the motor can do when put to its limits. Replacing a Ram 5500 diesel engine is a little easier when a good price can be obtained at the point of sale. The preownedengines.com company makes this possible daily.

There are two main motors that are positioned inside of the 5500 work trucks. These builds are the 6.7 Cummins and the 6.4 Hemi. Each of the motors offers what the other one does not. The Cummins partnership with Chrysler has produced a lot of consumer appeal. The dependability of the motor blocks and Bosch fuel systems have made truck owners pretty happy. The 6.4 Hemi is a larger replication of the 5.7 used in standard Ram trucks.

5500 Ram Diesel Motor Specs

The 6.4 Hemi edition pulls a massive 410 horsepower in the newer configuration. The original build was only rated at 367 although weight was reduced to maximize the payload. The V8 is considered a household name in the Dodge family. What the 6.4 gasoline motor gives during performance is one of the reasons it has become so popular in the commercial truck lineup. The Cummins diesel in 6.7 displacement was also upgraded recently. A meager improvement of five horsepower is provided with use of the Aisin transmissions.

The 2100 governed RPM of the Cummins pulls in about 325 horsepower. What this means to someone buying these motors is that there is a lot of power that is ready for use. When someone buys an engine used, it is common for the internal parts to be near failure. Great care is taken with all used inventory that is promoted through this website. Learning the specs of Ram engines is one step in the right direction to choosing a good replacement.

How to Buy a Ram 5500 Gas or Diesel Motor

The powerful search system that was installed directly for any person to use on the website this year can answer a lot of questions. The first question comes from pricing and the others come from warranty and shipping requests. The digital service offered at the top of every page here cuts out any of the third party searching through a search engine that most people undertake.

A person will need the year and make of a motor just to start viewing the wholesale pricing. Before an order can be submitted, it is helpful to have a vehicle identification number ready. A two-step process of online or phone quotes can be completed independently. Having trust in a relationship with an engine supplier is very important. Obtaining a price quote for any Ram commercial truck motor on this website guarantees a sale price.

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