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Used Sprinter 3.0 Engine

The 2500 Sprinter van was produced after the success of the 2.7 in the Mercedes lineup. The Dodge editions of these motors were used first in 2007 and were exclusive for only a couple of years. Someone who is upgrading a van or converting a camper van could need to find a good resource to buy a used Sprinter 3.0 engine online.

Diesel is one of the most successful fuel technologies that has been used to power thousands of vehicles globally. Part of the success that Dodge had with its version of the Sprinter van came from the unique engine platform. The CRD diesel provided a low maintenance way for vehicle owners to care for their cargo vans.

3.0 Dodge Sprinter Engine Specs

The common rail diesel motors were used in multiple types of Sprinter licensed vans. The 2500 passenger series, 3500 cargo and 3500 chassis cab were the most common ways to find the 3.0 diesel. There are 154 raw horsepower in the CRD 3.0 at 3400 RPM. This does provide a maximum of 280 pounds of torque between the 1200 and 2400 RPM range.

The gasoline powered edition is still an option although this was not available in all trim levels. The 254 horsepower in this edition did provide a boost although did not include many of the incentives featured in the initial diesel block. The 3.0 diesel was created to offer more payload assistance for the larger series vans.

Dodge Sprinter Engine Problems

Turbo regulators, EGR and loss of power are some of the common issues that cargo van owners have complained about in the past. While most issues are due to manufacturer defects or high mileage, someone who is ready to buy a used Sprinter engine should be aware of the issues that have been publicized. All PreownedEngines.com inventory for diesel and gasoline engines is warranted against common and complex breakdowns.

Buy a Used Engine for Dodge Sprinter Van

The most prompt method of reviewing pricing for any 3.0 CRD motor in stock at this website is to use the search tools provided. A lightning fast inventory research tool has been established to produce all sale pricing that is under MSRP. Buying engines with low mileage is crucial for most people. Only the best rated motors are shipped through this resource nationally.

As a secondary search tool, a toll-free line is now posted on this website to help the casual motor buyer. Regardless if a replacement motor will be swapped today or next week, getting reliable information and pricing is needed. All calls that are placed to this number are answered quickly.

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