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V6 EFI 3.0 Toyota Engine Replacement

Toyota produced its 3.0L EFI V6 engine from 1988 until 1995. Millions of these builds were used in 4Runner, trucks, T100 and Winnebago motorhomes. While some people appreciate this mixture, the electronic fuel injection series was not without its share of problems. It is quite common to have to swap an older motor due to electrical or mechanical issues. PreownedEngines.com retails V6 EFI 3.0 Toyota engine inventory here daily.

The actual build of the EFI is known as the 3VZE class. These were introduced as an SOHC block apart from the established DOHC series. One thing to note about the power level is that there are actually dual units that were produced. The first edition produces only a 145 rating for horsepower. It is the second design that produces the 150 rating. This is the version that is found in motorhomes and non-standard vehicles.

V6 3.0 EFI Engine Inventory

The 3.0 is a long block build. This makes it compatible with different motor vehicles. Aside from preowned models, there are people who try to find rebuilt or reman editions of the EFI Toyota blocks. The only units that are for sale on this portal are second hand. These have been thoroughly examined by specialists to ensure that OEM specs are validated. This creates a much better range of inventory to sell publicly.

Although a spare block is listed as working, there are Toyota V6 3.0 EFI problems that some people experience. People who purchase from auction companies have the worst experiences. This is likely due to poor evaluations of builds or non-reputable distributors. The most common issues are timing belts, oil leaks and blown head gaskets. The entire portion of inventory that is retailed on this website has been checked for these problems.

Car builders or regular people who perform DIY repairs usually download a diagram or other spec sheet in order to diagnose a motor problem. Toyota is one of the few companies that makes this information available on the web. To further protect people who buy here, a two-year warranty is provided at the time of sale. These are automatically extended although do require activation.

Buy 3.0L Toyota Engines Used

A high MSRP price is the driving factor behind many people turing away from a seller of motors. To keep customers happy and pricing low, the Toyota V6 3.0 engines for sale listed on this website were acquired by way of secondary distributors. These companies have made it easier to find blocks that do not have outrageous mileage. This allows an easier installation and extends the usage cycle for most people. Current prices are distributed while using the auto industry tools installed on this website.

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